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Common Code for Config/Version Control/Type Safe Enums/etc
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DLaB.Common Build status

Set of helper files for accessing Config, working with TFS, some common exceptions, and a Type Safe Enum Base

How Can I Use It?

There are two methods for utilizing the code base, depending on how you'd like to consume the code base.

  1. Use NuGet - This is by far the quickest and easiet method. Search for and add the NuGet Package "DLaB.Common" to your .Net Project.
  2. Use NuGet Source Only Packages - This is provided as a workaround for situations that don't allow references, like in a Sandbox on a platform. Search for and add the NuGet Package "DLaB.Common.Source" to your .Net Project.

How Can I Help?

DLaB.Common is designed to be a community focused, open sourced project. There are two main ways to help: Please submit an issue for bugs/feature requests. If you'd like to contribute:

  1. Create an issue for a bug/feature request. - If you find a bug or have an idea for a new feature or just need something that is missing, please create an issue! There is no better way to make things better than to share.
  2. Submit a Pull Request. - I would highly recommend using the XrmUnitTest Gitter Room, before doing any major coding. It's a great place to discuss what you'd like to do and get an offical blessing before starting any work!
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