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Xrm Unit Testing Framework Provides a long list of features that makes developing Unit Tests in CRM quicker, faster, easier, and more reliable.

What Is It?

XrmUnitTest is an Xrm unit testing framework that is designed to maximize the userfullness of your Unit Tests, while minimizing the amount of time to create or maintain them. You can even utilize the in memory, fake CRM server to test your plugin, before ever deploying it to CRM.

Please check out the Wiki for more information!

How Does It Compare?

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How Can I Use It?

Via NuGet - Search for and add the NuGet Package "XrmUnitTest(2013, 2015, 2016, 09)" to your Unit Test projects and base unit test project (See Wiki on what is meant by base unit test project).

The Example Project - The Example project shows how to add a layer of seperation between your code base and the Testing Framework to allow you to have logic custom to your project.

More information is available on the Wiki!

How Can I Help?

XrmUnitTest is designed to be a community focused, open sourced project. There are two main ways to help: Please submit an issue for bugs/feature requests. If you'd like to contribute:

  1. Create an issue for a bug/feature request. - If you find a bug or have an idea for a new feature or just need something that is missing, please create an issue! There is no better way to make things better than to share.
  2. Submit a Pull Request. - I would highly recommend using the XrmUnitTest Gitter Room, before doing any major coding. It's a great place to discuss what you'd like to do and get an offical blessing before starting any work!

For more information check out the Wiki!


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