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Pure IDL das2 client package
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Das2 servers typically provide data relavent to space plasma and magnetospheric physics research. To retrieve data, an HTTP GET request is posted to a das2 server by a client program and a self-describing stream of data values covering the requested time range, at the requested time resolution, is provided in the response body.

This software, das2pro, provides a client library for das2 servers written in pure IDL. To find out more about das2 visit

To download this package and run the included examples directly from your git working copy area issue:

$ git clone
$ cd das2pro
$ env IDL_PATH="<IDL_DEFAULT>:$(pwd)/src:$(pwd)/examples" idl87
IDL> das2pro_ut              ;running unit tests
IDL> ex03_rbsp_ephem_loc     ;for example

Here '$' indicates a shell command, and 'IDL>' indicates an IDL command.

das2pro is an IDL package and may be installed using the IPM command. The IPM command only installs releases (does not use clone) and as of May 2019, the current github releases are not yet ready for public use. If you would like to try them anyway and are running idl version 8.7.1 or above, das2pro can be installed by issuing the single IDL command:

IDL> ipm, /install, ''

After installation it's best to test the package by running the unit test main program as so:

IDL> das2pro_ut

and use the following to run one or more of the included example programs:

IDL> ex01_cassini_rpws_wfrm
IDL> ex02_mex_marsis_ais
IDL> ex03_rbsp_ephem_loc

which generate output PNG images into your current directory.

Other examples may be included as well. If das2pro has been installed as a package, See your


directory for other example programs that may have been added. If das2pro was aquired via git clone, just look in the examples sub-directory.

To update das2pro to the latest version run the IPM command:

IDL> ipm, /update, 'das2pro'

and to remove das2pro from your packages directory issue:

IDL> IPM, /remove, 'das2pro'

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