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2012-05-13 Results Update

The results database now contains more benchmarking results using the latest submissions. An updated version of the SHA3 conference paper is available here.

2012-03-12 Results Update

Our results database now contains two new platforms, the MSP 430 and the LPC 1114.

Also, we updated the implementations that are benchmarked.

The SHA3-3 conference paper can be found ​here

2011-06-13 Round 3 tweaks

Our database now contains results for all SHA-3 round 3 tweaks. Currently we're in the process of collecting and benchmarking optimized implementations of all five candidates. The current benchmark results are by no means comprehensive. Many optimized implementations still haven't been updated for round three and therefore won't contribute to the numbers.

2011-01-09 Round 3

Happy new year everyone. With the SHA-3 competition in round 3, we will change the reporting format accordingly. After the next site update when you click on a SHA-3 candidate link you will get the round 3 candidates. Of course the round 2 candidates will still be benched and the results available through the all results links.

There haven't been many new implementations since the last update, but we are working on adding more targets (i.e. Cortex-M0).

2010-11-21 More Implementations

  • SHAvite3 ist now present in both 256 and 512 bit output size in several implementations
  • Keccaka Thumb2 assembly on the Cortex-M3 (lm3s811-evb)
  • Skein 256-256 in AVR assembly (fhreefish-1_2_2)

2010-11-07 Version 2.0.1 available

2.0.1 was used to create the current benchmark results as published under AllResults and Sha3Results at the end of last week.

It can be downloaded using the downloads section (scroll down) or more conveniently by following the links at HowToBenchmark.

Changes since 2.0.0

  • Added more implementations
  • Added missing version header file
  • Minor fixes to evaluation scripts to reduce manual processing needs
  • Changed endianess #defines to avoid clashes
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