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PHPUnit 3.4

This is the list of changes for the PHPUnit 3.4 release series.

PHPUnit 3.4.10

  • Invalid data provider specifications are now handled gracefully.
  • Fixed TRAC-993: Incorrect test on $reflector->getFileName().
  • Fixed TRAC-994: Cannot use multibyte characters in the provider method name.
  • Made PHPUnit_Framework_Assert::readAttribute() compatible with PHP 5.1.6.
  • Made PHPUnit_Extensions_Database_Operation_RowBased compatible with PHP 5.1.6.

PHPUnit 3.4.9

  • Removed usage of SplFileInfo::getRealPath() which is not available in PHP 5.1.6.

PHPUnit 3.4.8

  • Made dependency on YAML component optional.

PHPUnit 3.4.7

  • Fixed TRAC-979: @codeCoverageIgnoreStart is being ignored.
  • Fixed TRAC-986: Memory leaks with mock objects.
  • Reduced memory footprint of code coverage report generation.

PHPUnit 3.4.6

  • assertContains() and assertNotContains() no longer use === for non-objects.
  • Implemented TRAC-968: Support scalar in assertType().
  • Fixed TRAC-779: PHPUnit_Util_Getopt::parseLongOption() causes problems with custom error handlers.
  • Fixed TRAC-892: Oracle's TRUNCATE requires additional TABLE statement.
  • Fixed TRAC-942: Process Isolation should define constants before including files.
  • Fixed TRAC-943: xdebug.show_exception_trace=On breaks PHPUnit.
  • Fixed TRAC-944: Closures might trick the metrics analyzer.
  • Fixed TRAC-945: File not found error (and other weird stuff) comes up if shell sends \n in argv.
  • Fixed TRAC-949: Invalid XML generated on binary diffs.
  • Fixed TRAC-969: Destructors cannot be mocked.
  • Fixed TRAC-977: getMockForAbstractClass() mocks all methods on an abstract class without abstract methods.
  • The YAML component from the Symfony Components is no longer bundled but required as a dependency.

PHPUnit 3.4.5

  • The TextUI test runner now prints the peak of memory allocated by PHP (when memory_get_peak_usage() is available).
  • Fixed TRAC-954: PHPUnit_Util_ErrorHandler::handleError() pushes error to stack even if not wanted to reported.
  • Fixed a bug where files were ignored if the directory path contains /../.

PHPUnit 3.4.3

  • Implemented TRAC-941: Add fallback for array_fill_keys().
  • Fixed TRAC-920: PHPUnit_Extensions_Database_DB_MetaData_Oci throws an undefined variable.
  • Fixed TRAC-923: SeleniumTestCase sometimes leaves browser windows open.
  • Fixed TRAC-924: Selenium driver misses useXpathLibrary.
  • Fixed TRAC-932: Process isolation incompatible with Zend Framework.
  • Fixed TRAC-933: Objects in global state need __set_state().
  • Fixed TRAC-938: Isolated test running sets include_path too late.
  • Fixed tearDownAfterClass() getting called more than once.
  • Updated bundled YUI to version 2.8.0r4.

PHPUnit 3.4.2

  • Fixed TRAC-889: --skeleton-class does not work with @depends annotation.
  • Fixed TRAC-902: PHPUnit_Util_File::getClassesInFile() does not handle nested namespaces correctly.
  • Fixed TRAC-905: Files with no methods or classes show incorrect code coverage with --coverage-clover.
  • Fixed TRAC-909: Stubbing a web service with getMockFromWsdl() throws a fatal error.
  • Fixed TRAC-918: Truncate operation throws an error.
  • The backup and restore operations for static attributes has been disabled by default.

PHPUnit 3.4.1

  • Fixed TRAC-874: Typo in a PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase exception.
  • Fixed TRAC-875: @runInSeparateProcess and @runTestsInSeparateProcesses do not work with data providers.
  • Fixed TRAC-876: @preserveGlobalState does not work with data providers.
  • Fixed TRAC-877: Fatal error in PHPUnit_Util_TestDox_ResultPrinter.
  • Fixed TRAC-879: Execution of PHPUnit throws ReflectionException.
  • Fixed TRAC-884: PHPUnit_Util_File fails on classes containing strings with curly syntax.
  • Fixed TRAC-887: PHPUnit_Util_File parses classes with PHP 4 style constructors incorrectly.
  • Fixed TRAC-890: PHPUnit skips every test with @depends on Windows.
  • Fixed TRAC-893: --group and --exclude-group seem to be not working.
  • Fixed TRAC-895: @covers not working, says class does not exist.

PHPUnit 3.4.0

  • Improvements and Fixes for PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
    • Added the @depends [class::]method annotation to express that a test depends on another test. If [class::]method() has not passed before the annotated test, the annotated test will be skipped.
    • Implemented TRAC-144: Added the @runTestsInSeparateProcesses and @runInSeparateProcess annotations to selectively run tests in separate PHP processes.
    • Implemented TRAC-814: Added the setUpBeforeClass() and tearDownAfterClass() template methods.
    • Added the @errorHandler annotation to control PHPUnit's error handler.
    • Added the @outputBuffering annotation to control PHP's output buffering.
    • Improvements and Fixes for the Mock Objects System
      • Implemented TRAC-638: Support mocking SOAP webservices based on WSDL specification.
      • Implemented TRAC-694: Added getMockForAbstractClass() that returns a mock object for the specified abstract class with all abstract methods of the class mocked and concrete methods not mocked.
      • Implemented TRAC-756: Handle exceptions in setUp() and tearDown().
      • Fixed TRAC-545: Cannot create mock object when not calling a contructor and a class is implementing an interface.
      • Fixed TRAC-630: Mock generator fails to generate mock for a class with __clone() method marked as final.
      • Fixed TRAC-755: Case sensitivity issue with invocation mocker and return values.
      • Fixed TRAC-813: Mock Objects and with() do not work together.
      • Fixed TRAC-822: Mocking namespaced class results in autoloading the wrong class.
    • Added a blacklist for global variables that should be excluded from the backup/restore operation.
    • Implemented backup/restore for static attributes in user-defined classes (requires PHP 5.3). This is enabled by default for consistency with the backup/restore for global variables.
    • Added support for global configuration of backup/restore operations for global variables and static attributes in user-defined classes, both via TextUI switches and XML configuration file directives.
    • Add support for @backupGlobals and @backupStaticAttributes annotations to control the backup/restore operations for global variables and static attributes in user-defined classes, both on the test class level and the test method level.
    • Fixed TRAC-686: assertTag() only works for lowercase tags.
    • Fixed TRAC-817: assert*Contains*() does not handle IteratorAggregate implementors.
    • The backwards compatiblity layer for PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase::sharedAssertions() has been removed. Please migrate to PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase::assertPostConditions().
  • Improvements and Fixes for PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase
    • Implemented TRAC-605: Make directory for Selenium code coverage files configurable.
    • Implemented TRAC-631 and #769: Support more Selenium commands.
      • Please note that the following commands had to be renamed:
        • assertAlertPresent() has been renamed to assertAlert()
        • assertNoAlertPresent() has been renamed to assertNotAlert()
        • assertNoConfirmationPresent() has been renamed to assertConfirmationNotPresent()
        • assertLocationEquals() has been renamed toassertLocation()`
        • assertLocationNotEquals() has been renamed to assertNotLocation()
        • assertNoPromptPresent() has been renamed to assertPromptNotPresent()
        • assertNothingSelected() has been renamed to assertNotSomethingSelected()
        • assertTitleEquals() has been renamed to assertTitle()
        • assertTitleNotEquals() has been renamed to assertNotTitle()
    • Implemented TRAC-637: Enable PHPUnit to recognize exact:, glob:, and regex: matching within the use of Selenium assert*() and verify*() commands.
    • Implemented TRAC-655: Allow phpunit_coverage.php to be symlinked.
    • Implemented TRAC-658: Selenium driver times out during fopen().
    • Implemented TRAC-682: Automatically add URL to error messages in Selenium test cases.
    • A screenshot can now optionally be captured when a test fails.
    • Code Coverage statistics on the function, method, and class level now work correctly for Selenium tests.
    • Fixed TRAC-698: PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase::assertElementContainsText() checks value and not text.
    • Fixed TRAC-706: Selenium error message is ambiguous.
    • Fixed TRAC-746: assertTextPresent() is not 100% compatible with Selenium IDE.
    • Fixed TRAC-749: Selenium timeout used as HTTP connection timeout.
      • PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase::setTimeout() now expects its argument in seconds instead of milliseconds.
      • PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase::setHttpTimeout() was added to control the timeout for the HTTP connection to the Selenium RC server.
    • Fixed TRAC-832: Class PHPUnit_Extensions_SeleniumTestCase could not be found.
  • Improvements and Fixes for PHPUnit_Extensions_DatabaseTestCase
    • Added the dbunit command-line utility to import/export/convert data sets.
    • Implemented TRAC-526: More flexible data set filtering.
    • Implemented TRAC-548: Add schema support for flat XML format.
    • Implemented TRAC-604: Add YAML DataSet support for DbUnit.
    • Implemented TRAC-664: Column names are not escaped correctly.
  • Improvements, Fixes, and Changes for the TextUI Test Runner
    • Implemented TRAC-144: Added the --process-isolation switch and the processIsolation="true" XML configuration file setting to run each test in a separate PHP process.
    • Added YAML diagnostics block to TAP output.
    • TestListeners can now be configured via the XML configuration file.
    • Implemented TRAC-9: Prepend PHP's include_path with given path(s).
    • Implemented TRAC-598: Make TestSuiteLoader configurable via XML configuration file.
    • Implemented TRAC-672: Added --stderr switch to optionally print to STDERR instead of STDOUT.
    • Implemented TRAC-730: Let PHPUnit_TextUI_TestRunner accept PHPUnit_Util_Configuration objects.
    • Implemented TRAC-766: Allow namespaced test suite loader class name to path conversion.
    • Implemented TRAC-794: Ignore test file names that are prefixed with ..
    • Deprecated switches
      • The --ansi switch has been deprecated, please use --colors instead.
      • The --coverage-xml switch has been deprecated, please use --coverage-clover instead.
      • The --log-graphviz switch has been deprecated.
      • The --log-metrics and --log-pmd switches have been deprecated.
      • The --log-xml switch has been deprecated, please use --log-junit instead.
      • The --repeat switch has been deprecated.
      • The --report switch has been deprecated, please use --coverage-html instead.
      • The --skeleton switch has been deprecated, please use --skeleton-test instead.
      • The syntax check functionality has been disabled by default.
      • The test database functionality has been deprecated.
    • Fixed TRAC-796: PHPUnit tries to run abstract testcases.
    • Fixed TRAC-824: Faulty output on console when using --testdox.
  • Improvements and Fixes for the Code Coverage reporting
    • The @covers annotation is now supported on the setUp(), assertPreConditions(), assertPostConditions(), and tearDown() template methods of PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase.
    • Code Coverage statistics on the function, method, and class level are now calculated in way that makes more sense.
      • A method is marked as covered when all of its executable lines are executed by at least one test.
      • A class is marked as covered when all of its methods are fully covered.
    • Code Coverage statistics on the function, method, and class level now work correctly for Selenium tests.
    • Implemented TRAC-705: Added method name information to Clover XML code coverage logfile.
    • Fixed TRAC-582: PHPUnit reports more covered statements than statements in class.
    • Fixed TRAC-615: Tests are not written to test database when using whitelist.
  • Added PHPUnit_Framework_Assert::assertStringStartsWith() and PHPUnit_Framework_Assert::assertStringEndsWith() as well as PHPUnit_Framework_Assert::stringStartsWith() and PHPUnit_Framework_Assert::stringEndsWith().
  • Added PHPUnit_Extensions_TicketListener_Trac for automatically closing and reopening Trac tickets based on test results.
  • Implemented an annotation, @testdox, to specify the output for a test when using --testdox.
  • Implemented TRAC-597: Add prefix configuration for test files.
  • Implemented TRAC-616: Test Database does not contain full filenames.
  • Implemented TRAC-642: Test Database Nested Set representation is way to slow.
  • Implemented TRAC-673: Allow constants in PHP section of XML configuration file.
  • PHPUnit_Util_Configuration is now a singleton.
  • The PHPUnit_Util_Class::getClassesInFile() and PHPUnit_Util_Class::getFunctionsInFile() methods have been renamed to PHPUnit_Util_File::getClassesInFile() and PHPUnit_Util_File::getFunctionsInFile(), respectively.
  • The signature of PHPUnit_Util_File::getClassesInFile(), PHPUnit_Util_File::getFunctionsInFile(), and PHPUnit_Util_Class::getPackageInformation() has changed. These methods also no longer use the Reflection API.
  • The PHPUnit_Util_Class::getFunctionSignature() and PHPUnit_Util_Class::getMethodSignature() methods have been dropped.
  • Renamed PHPUnit_Framework_Assert::getStaticAttribute() and PHPUnit_Framework_Assert::getObjectAttribute() to PHPUnit_Util_Class::getStaticAttribute() and PHPUnit_Util_Class::getObjectAttribute(), respectively.
  • Fixed TRAC-764: Argument Type Mismatch in BaseTestRunner.
  • PHPUnit 3.4 should still work with PHP 5.1.4 (or later) but PHP 5.3.0 (or later) is highly recommended.