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fix: Cleaning sipi tmp folder results in an error when there are lots…
… of files (DEV-316) (#2052)
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irinaschubert committed Apr 27, 2022
1 parent 5e4e914 commit 33e689645a899e39b7f9d6e3a0c56fd1d99cc1f2
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@@ -280,12 +280,15 @@ clean-local-tmp:
@rm -rf .tmp
@mkdir .tmp

clean: docs-clean clean-local-tmp clean-docker ## clean build artifacts
clean: docs-clean clean-local-tmp clean-docker clean-sipi-tmp ## clean build artifacts
@rm -rf .env

.PHONY: clean-sipi-tmp
clean-sipi-tmp: ## deletes all files in Sipi's tmp folder
@rm -rf sipi/images/tmp/*
@mkdir empty_folder_for_clean_sipi_tmp
@cp sipi/images/tmp/.gitignore empty_folder_for_clean_sipi_tmp/.gitignore
@rsync -a --delete empty_folder_for_clean_sipi_tmp/ sipi/images/tmp/ # use rsync because it can handle large number of files
@rm -r empty_folder_for_clean_sipi_tmp

.PHONY: clean-sipi-projects
clean-sipi-projects: ## deletes all files uploaded within a project

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