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fix(gravsearch): When link property compared in filter, don't compare…
… link value property, too (#1699)
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Benjamin Geer committed Sep 7, 2020
1 parent 9c0292c commit a3b1665
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 25 deletions.
Expand Up @@ -596,37 +596,13 @@ abstract class AbstractPrequeryGenerator(constructClause: ConstructClause,
* @return a [[TransformedFilterPattern]].
private def handlePropertyIriQueryVar(queryVar: QueryVariable, comparisonOperator: CompareExpressionOperator.Value, iriRef: IriRef, propInfo: PropertyTypeInfo): TransformedFilterPattern = {

iriRef.iri.checkApiV2Schema(querySchema, throw GravsearchException(s"Invalid schema for IRI: ${iriRef.toSparql}"))

val internalIriRef = iriRef.toOntologySchema(InternalSchema)

// make sure that the comparison operator is a CompareExpressionOperator.EQUALS
if (comparisonOperator != CompareExpressionOperator.EQUALS)
throw GravsearchException(s"Comparison operator in a CompareExpression for a property type must be ${CompareExpressionOperator.EQUALS}, but '$comparisonOperator' given (for negations use 'FILTER NOT EXISTS')")

val userProvidedRestriction = CompareExpression(queryVar, comparisonOperator, internalIriRef)

// check if the objectTypeIri of propInfo is knora-api:Resource
// if so, it is a linking property and its link value property must be restricted too
if (propInfo.objectIsResourceType) {
// it is a linking property, restrict the link value property
val restrictionForLinkValueProp = CompareExpression(
leftArg = createLinkValuePropertyVariableFromLinkingPropertyVariable(queryVar), // the same variable was created during statement processing in WHERE clause in `convertStatementForPropertyType`
operator = comparisonOperator,
rightArg = IriRef(internalIriRef.iri.fromLinkPropToLinkValueProp)) // create link value property from linking property

leftArg = userProvidedRestriction,
rightArg = restrictionForLinkValueProp)
} else {
// not a linking property, just return the provided restriction
TransformedFilterPattern(Some(CompareExpression(queryVar, comparisonOperator, iriRef.toOntologySchema(InternalSchema))))

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