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chore(feature-toggles): remove remnants of feature toggles (DEV-217) (#…

* remove remnants of feature toggles

* redo changes in PR template

* refactor admin list routes

* remove unused imports

* fix formatting

* refactor unnecessary companion objects in routes

* fix codacy issues

* fix codacy issues

* Update expected-client-test-data.txt

* add tests removed by accident

Co-authored-by: Ivan Subotic <>
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2 changes: 0 additions & 2 deletions docs/03-apis/api-v2/
Expand Up @@ -1201,8 +1201,6 @@ The query performance of triplestores, such as Fuseki, is highly dependent on th
patterns. To improve performance, Gravsearch automatically reorders the
statement patterns in the WHERE clause according to their dependencies on each other, to minimise
the number of possible matches for each pattern.
This optimization can be controlled using `gravsearch-dependency-optimisation`
[feature toggle](../, which is turned on by default.

Consider the following Gravsearch query:

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This file was deleted.

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Expand Up @@ -15,5 +15,3 @@ The DSP APIs include:
administering projects that use Knora as well as Knora itself.
* The DSP [Util API](api-util/, which is intended to be used for information retrieval
about the DSP-stack itself.

DSP API v2 and the admin API support [Feature Toggles](
263 changes: 0 additions & 263 deletions docs/05-internals/design/principles/

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1 change: 0 additions & 1 deletion docs/05-internals/design/principles/
Expand Up @@ -13,4 +13,3 @@
- [Triplestore Updates](
- [Consistency Checking](
- [Authentication](
- [Feature Toggles](
27 changes: 4 additions & 23 deletions docs/05-internals/design/principles/
Expand Up @@ -5,14 +5,9 @@

# RDF Processing API

Knora provides an API for parsing and formatting RDF data and
for working with RDF graphs. This allows Knora developers to use a single,
DSP provides an API for parsing and formatting RDF data and
for working with RDF graphs. This allows DSP developers to use a single,
idiomatic Scala API as a façade for a Java RDF library.
By using a feature toggle, you can choose either
as the underlying implementation.

## Overview
Expand All @@ -39,8 +34,8 @@ The API is in the package `org.knora.webapi.messages.util.rdf`. It includes:
- `ShaclValidator`, which validates RDF models using SHACL shapes.

To work with RDF models, start with `RdfFeatureFactory`, which returns instances
of `RdfNodeFactory`, `RdfModelFactory`, `RdfFormatUtil`, and `ShaclValidator`,
using feature toggle configuration. `JsonLDUtil` does not need a feature factory.
of `RdfNodeFactory`, `RdfModelFactory`, `RdfFormatUtil`, and `ShaclValidator`.
`JsonLDUtil` does not need a feature factory.

To iterate efficiently over the statements in an `RdfModel`, use its `iterator` method.
An `RdfModel` cannot be modified while you are iterating over it.
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -93,20 +88,6 @@ Turtle file containing the graph of shapes.
- The RDF4J-based implementation, in package `org.knora.webapi.messages.util.rdf.rdf4jimpl`.

## Feature toggle

For an overview of feature toggles, see [Feature Toggles](

The RDF API uses the feature toggle `jena-rdf-library`:

- `on`: use the Jena implementation.

- `off` (the default): use the RDF4J implementation.

The default setting is used on startup, e.g. to read ontologies from the
repository. After startup, the per-request setting is used.


- SHACL validation.

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