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docs: user needs to be project member to become project admin (DEV-1383
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irinaschubert committed Oct 17, 2022
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Expand Up @@ -502,7 +502,8 @@ This object contains user definitions. A user has the following elements:
- _projects_ (optional): List of projects the user belongs to. The project name has to be followed by a `:` and either
`member` or `admin`. This indicates if the new user has admin rights in the given project or is an ordinary
user. `myproject:admin` would add the user as admin to the project `myproject`. The project defined in the same
ontology file can be omitted, so only `:admin` or `:member` is enough.
ontology file can be omitted, so only `:admin` or `:member` is enough. Note that in order to give a user `:admin` rights,
he also needs to be a `:member` of the project.
- If _projects_ is omitted, the user won't be part in any project.
- _status_ (optional): true (default) if the user is active, false if the user is deleted/inactive

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