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refactor: excel to json list (DEV-431) (#155)
* Don't open the file each time in the recursive function get_values_from_excel()

* instead of side effects, all methods should return the result they computed

* - make code more understandable by improving the logic
 - improve docstrings and annotations

* improve docstrings and annotations

* - various style/annotation improvements
 - remove side-effect of get_values_from_excel by making a copy of parentnode before returning it

* - correct mistake in logic
 - improve error message output

* - reconstruct the side-effect from before

* strip strings

* adapt '' to the refactorings

* elminate little bug

* introduce the side effect again

* rename variable

Co-authored-by: irinaschubert <>

* correct previous error

* improvements suggested by reviewer

Co-authored-by: irinaschubert <>

* implement reviewer's feedback

Co-authored-by: irinaschubert <>
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jnussbaum and irinaschubert committed Feb 17, 2022
1 parent be5b69f commit 8a8c9d0
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