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@subotic subotic released this Aug 29, 2019

Breaking Changes

  • #1411 Moved /admin/groups/members/GROUP_IRI to /admin/groups/GROUP_IRI/members
  • #1231 Change value permissions
  • #763 refactor splitMainResourcesAndValueRdfData so it uses SparqlExtendedConstructResponse


  • #1373 The startup ends in a thrown exception if the triplestore is not up-to-date
  • #1364 Add support for Redis cache
  • #1360 Build and publish Knora version specific docker images for GraphDB Free and SE
  • #1358 Add admin route to dump project data

Bug Fixes:

  • #1394 Using dockerComposeUp to start the stack, fails to find Redis at startup


  • #1386 Add lists admin API documentation


  • #1412 Change release notes to be based on issues
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