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@dascritch dascritch released this Apr 3, 2019 · 938 commits to master since this release

New features

  • Expandable modes on first play #50
  • Compact mode now shows poster
  • Poster is hideable
  • Configurable color transitions
  • Titles on the chapters line indicator (wide screens only)
  • Public API documented
  • Adding classes to document.body's host
  • Chapter live editor now has a preview


  • Reducing DOM elements, use more explicit tag names
  • Request to use 48px instead of 32px on small width, in respect with your thumb surface
  • Fix title height, better title presentation
  • Better CSS reset
  • Chapters changing events, limiting repaints
  • Old bugs in tests due to new autoplay policy in browsers
  • Minimal public API tests
  • Indicate source url filename in chapters editor
  • Public methods should have javadoc #49
  • Adding CSS breakpoint demos
  • Missing and imprecisions in doc are cleaned


  • Use proper IIFE generator. Wrong side : Firefox doesn't read the map
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