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Script to build audio podcast and segments
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CPU podcaster

This piece of s...oftware is dedicated to take a full radio show in ready-to-broadcast .wav format and its annotation .txt track to :

  • full ogg vorbis broadcastable file
  • full mp3 file for old podcast devices
  • html excerpt with reference to segments
  • excerpts in ogg and mp3 with same parameters

Entry files :

  • a .wav ready-to-broadcast named in a special fashion for getting metadata from file name.
  • a .txt timeline markers export of audacity, to catch chapters time cues and names

Exports constraints :

  • launching cpu_podcaster should ask a minimum interaction, but verify information before being really run
  • cuted chapters audio files need at least 1/75th second precision on start and end (Audio CD frame precision)
  • mp3 files should be in a sub-directory ./podcast/ of each ogg file
  • some sections must go in different sub-dir structure (mainly interviewes)
  • mp3 and ogg should have meta tags information (id3)
  • mp3 should embed "cover" image
  • mp3 and ogg should support chaptering when available
  • a chapters.html should be exported, for being inserted in blog post.
  • chapters.html needs only precision to the (truncated) second and indicate the start point, but specific link annotation according to ondemiroir-audio-tag format

Example of html segment

Based on release Ex0007 of the CPU radio show

<p>Chapitres </p>
<li><a href="/post/2015/11/02/">Bonjour à toi, enfant du futur immédiat : J'ai loué</a><a href="#&amp;t=1m18s">(1:18)</a></li>
<li>♪  The Who - <em>Who are you</em><a href="#&amp;t=15m10s">(15:10)</a></li>
<li>How to : Le système DNS — <a href="#&amp;t=18m2s">(18:02)</a></li>
<li>♪  Miss Kittin &amp; The Hacker- <em>I come .com</em><a href="#&amp;t=24m9s">(24:09)</a></li>
<li>Interview : Anthony Eden, fondateur et de DNSimple — <a href="#&amp;t=29m22s">(29:22)</a></li>
<li>♪  Étienne De Crecy - <em>Noname</em><a href="#&amp;t=47m10s">(47:10)</a></li>
<li>Plantage : — <a href="#&amp;t=48m24s">(48:24)</a></li>
<li>♪  Bang Gang - <em>Stop in the name of love</em><a href="#&amp;t=54m26s">(54:26)</a></li>
<li><a href="/post/2015/10/31/M%C3%A9t%C3%A9o-%3A-en-vers-et-en-noms-de-domaine">Météo : en vers des domaines</a><a href="#&amp;t=56m44s">(56:44)</a></li>
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