Static HTML5 page. Helping to calibrate projection before a talk.
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HTML5 page for calibrate projection before a talk.

Author : Xavier "dascritch" Mouton-Dubosc

Originally inspired by a design by Ryan Gilmore

Version 0.3

You can touch, you can try


This code is only intented for testing video-projections before talks, and also unveils some rendering bugs on browsers.

Browsers are not acurate video renderers. Do not use it for professionnal broadcast or on-air tuning : you may experience lot of bugs, lags and others critters ! If you need a real testcard, you should play it via direct output or use a special generator.


Create a minimalist HTML page.

<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<script src="testcard.js"></script>
<script type="text/json">
	"default" : {
		( your global parameters)
	"scenes" : [
	    { ( first scene parameters) },{ ( second scene parameters) },…

That's the whole you need, just beware that the JSON section is strictly valid.

You can have as many html files with its own parameters in the same directory as you want. Easiest to have a collection of tests.


Those values are global or by scene.

Attribute Value Default
back Colour of the background in RGB-hex value. "777777"
img URL for the background image omitted
video URL for the video. Autoplayed omitted
youtube ID for a Youtube video. Example : "kxopViU98Xo" omitted
vimeo ID for a Vimeo video. Example : "70580647" omitted
capture Mirorring the webcam. Write "capture":true omitted
charts displayed charts. No more than 3 or 4 ["contrast", "sharpness", "colour"]
time time format "hh:mm:ss"
countdownfor time displayed is a countdown for the next indicated hour, today or tomorrow. Format should be "hh:mm:ss" omitted
sound test sound. should be {"wave":"sine","freq":1000} omitted
synctop time lengths in milliseconds for the synctop chart. should be {"loop":2000,"length":100} omitted

Availables charts :

  • contrast, colour, red, blue, green
  • sharpness, sharpnessh, sharpnessv
  • time : format is dictated by time and countdownfor parameters
  • synctop

Those values are purely global and cannot be changed per scene

Attribute Value Default
labels List of tags for each chart British english
stylesheet URL of a special crafted style, better use including the original one "./testcard.css"
colours list of RGB-hex values for squares in colour chart. 7 cells up then 7 cells down.
contrasts list of RGB-hex values for squares in contrast chart. As the previous one
overscans list of arrow form descriptions for unsafe overscan edges

Known bugs

  • The « dppx » value on Safari desktop is not accurate when zooming
  • Sub-rendering issues on SVG on Firefox, you can see in sharpness charts, on odd/even sizes
  • Chrome, Safari and other webkit engines won't let you use capture (webcam, micro) on local files. Firefox accepts it.

Code design

Yes, it's not the best to have a single one monolythic JS source, but this code should be able to work in any context (http:// or file:///). It must be modularizable as far as possible, as a proof of concept.



Code by Xavier "dascritch" Mouton-Dubosc

Design derivated from Ryan Gilmore, rights to be cleared


  • August 2014 : 0.3
    • full parametric
    • layout auto-constructive
    • minimal html
    • synctop
    • correct countdown
    • capture
  • July 2014 : 0.2
    • json parameters embeded in html
    • video inclusion from URL, youtube, vimeo
  • June 2014 : 0.1 , first release.
    • static html.
    • Contrast, h-sharpness, colours charts
    • Viewport resolution and dppx
    • Unsafe overscan zone

Keeping in touch