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Scripts for core packages like Filezilla, Atom, Steam, Simplenote, Lutris, OBS, etc. auto installation bash script
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A bash script to install what I think are necessary applications. Thanks to Big Daddy Linux, Skrappjaw, and many others.


  1. Download bash script to a folder (ex: /Documents or /Downloads)
  2. Right click on file to give execute permissions
  3. Go to terminal and change to directory where you put downloaded file (ex: cd Downloads)
  4. Type in terminal sudo ./installscript to run
    • You may also need to type chmod +x ./installscript if you forgot to do step 2
  5. A menu will open up with selectable packages to install
  6. Select packages and click OK
  7. Packages will auto-install Tested with Elementary Loki, Ubuntu 17.10, Ubuntu 18.04 Beta, Mate 18.04, and Pop_OS! but should work with any Ubuntu-based distribution.
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