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A few components for working with a "tagging" input field
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jQuery Tagging Tools

A set of components for creating a nice tagging interface (like the one seen on Facebook).

I made this component (call it plugin if you like) because I simply couldn't find one that was up-to-date and modular enough to be used across my own projects.

Tested in latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE7+

Building Blocks

The tagging tools consists of three pieces of smaller components that can all be used independently of each other. These are:

  • jquery.tagBox.js (by me)
  • jquery.autoGrowInput.js (by James Padolsey)
  • jquery UI autocomplete.

Although I've used jQuery UI in my code, the tagBox is built with a clean API to be able to plug-in any autocomplete backend (or any UI widget you'd want to use in conjunction with it).


The demo.html file has a fully working example. View Source!


I've setup a demo at my website:

Please let me know if you find any bugs.


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