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Experimental tools to allow serving content from behind firewall'd networks to the internet.

How it works?

A middleware server which receives HTTP requests from the internet, routes these requests to the serving nodes according to the requested URI. A serving node serve its content to the server over a persistent connection, which is started by the node itself. Hence, the need to accept connections behind the firewall is eliminated.

The node is a client which binds to the server's protocol, receives the content requests and writes the content back to the server. The content on reaching the server is served as the resposne to the original HTTP request.


The server and client both are implemented using awesome tools like Tornado. The server runs an HTTP receiver on one thread and the crunch receiver on the other thread, both of which are non-blocking.


Running the server

from crunch.server import runserver

# This is the port for accepting incoming HTTP requests. Your choice
http_port = 80

# This is the port for accepting incoming connections from crunch clients.
# Again your choice
crunch_port = 8080

runserver(http_port, crunch_port)

Running the client

from crunch.crunchclient import start_client

config = {
        'port': 8080,   # this the crunch port your server runs on
        'address': 'localhost'  # this is the address of the server