rough demo of audio visualization on ws2812 using webaudio and webusb
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webaudio + ws2812 + webusb demo

This is a basic demo of controlling a matrix of ws2812 addressable LEDs via WebUSB.

It doesn't end here, what shows up on the matrix is a very basic audio visualization using WebAudio.

Hardware used

  1. WS2812 addressable LEDs
  2. Arduino Leonardo

How to run the demo

  1. Open demos/console/sketch/ in Arduino SDK.
  2. You'll need to upload the sketch to your board (make sure your board is connected over USB)
  3. Run a webserver in the root of this repo (hint: python -m SimpleHTTPServer)
  4. Head over to https://localhost:8000/console/index.html in Google Chrome and watch things glow.
  5. Feel free to tweak anything in these steps based on your thirst for adventure.

TIP: You can get the audio input from mic but that's generally not as much fun. Either you can change the audio input code a little to load your audio directly, or use a loopback software to route your audio out to a mic device and use the mic device as a input for WebAudio analyser.