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ddate ported to python via linux-util
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C bindings for native util-linux ddate.

Behavior of the class ddate.ddate emulates that of

Direct C bindings to format() can be found in the sub-package cddate.



In [1]: import ddate

In [2]: dd =

In [3]: dd
Out[3]: ddate.ddate(3183, 2, 37)

In [4]: str(dd)
Out[4]: 'Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 38th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3183'

In [5]: dd.ctime()
Out[5]: 'Pungenday Confusion 37 00:00:00 3183'

In [6]: dd.timetuple()
Out[6]: (3183, 2, 37)

Format Strings

This is based on the format rules in the ddate manpage ( similar to those found in time.strftime(). In [1]: import ddate

In [2]: dd =

In [3]: dd.format.__doc__

:param fmt: follows the string formatting rules detailed in the ddate manpage
:type fmt: str
:return: the string produced by the original fmt input
:rtype: str

In [4]: fmt_str = dd.format('Today is %{%A, the %e of %B%}, %Y. %N%nCelebrate %H')

In [5]: print(fmt_str)
Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 38th of Confusion, 3183.

Comparison and Arithmetic Operators

In [1]: import ddate

In [2]: dd =

In [3]: # linux epoch time:

In [4]: dd2 = ddate.ddate.fromtimestamp(0)

In [5]: dd > dd2
Out[5]: True

In [6]: dd < dd2
Out[6]: False

In [7]: dd - dd2
Out[7]: datetime.timedelta(17350)


  1. Implement timedelta addition/subtraction
  2. Implement ddate.fromordinal()
  3. Fix ddate.replace()
  4. Build converstion from ddate.ddate to
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