Rewire babel-loader loader in your create-react-app project using react-app-rewired.
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react-app-rewire-babel-loader npm version

Rewire babel-loader loader in your create-react-app project using react-app-rewired.

Say there is an awesome library you found on npm that you want to use within your un-ejected create-react-app project, but unfortunately, it's published in ES6+ (since node_modules doesn't go through babel-loader), so you cannot really use it.

However, with react-app-rewired and this library, react-app-rewire-babel-loader, you can use that awesome library you've found.

See below for usage.


$ yarn add react-app-rewire-babel-loader
# npm v5+
$ npm install react-app-rewire-babel-loader
# before npm v5
$ npm install --save react-app-rewire-babel-loader


// config-overrides.js
// see:

const path = require("path");
const fs = require("fs");

const rewireBabelLoader = require("react-app-rewire-babel-loader");

// helpers

const appDirectory = fs.realpathSync(process.cwd());
const resolveApp = relativePath => path.resolve(appDirectory, relativePath);

module.exports = function override(config, env) {

  // white-list some npm modules to the babel-loader pipeline
  // see:

  config = rewireBabelLoader.include(

  // black-list some modules from the babel-loader pipeline
  // see:

  config = rewireBabelLoader.exclude(

  return config;




  • Lint: yarn run lint
  • Prettier: yarn run pretty
  • Test: yarn run test
  • Pre-publish: yarn run prepublish
  • Build: yarn run build