Like lodash v3.x isEqualWith but for shallow equal.
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shallowequal is like lodash's isEqualWith but for shallow (strict) equal.

shallowequal(value, other, [customizer], [thisArg])

Performs a shallow equality comparison between two values (i.e. value and other) to determine if they are equivalent.

The equality is performed by iterating through keys on the given value, and returning false whenever any key has values which are not strictly equal between value and other. Otherwise, return true whenever the values of all keys are strictly equal.

If customizer (expected to be a function) is provided it is invoked to compare values. If customizer returns undefined (i.e. void 0), then comparisons are handled by the shallowequal function instead.

The customizer is bound to thisArg and invoked with three arguments: (value, other, key).

NOTE: Docs are (shamelessly) adapted from lodash's v3.x docs


$ yarn add shallowequal
# npm v5+
$ npm install shallowequal
# before npm v5
$ npm install --save shallowequal


const shallowequal = require('shallowequal');

const object = { 'user': 'fred' };
const other = { 'user': 'fred' };

object == other;
// → false

shallowequal(object, other);
// → true


Code for shallowEqual originated from and has since been refactored to have the exact same API as lodash.isEqualWith (as of v4.17.4).



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  • Test: yarn test
  • Pretty: yarn pretty
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