A toy project implementing a simple tetris clone in C for learning SDL 2.x.
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A simple tetris game implemented in C using SDL 2.x. This is just a toy project to play with and learn SDL 2.x.

Demo on Snow Leopard OSX:

Demo on El Capitan OSX:


  1. Install SDL 2.x (www.libsdl.org) in UNIX style; something like ./configure && make && make install.

    Also you'll need:

    On OSX (or macOS), you may use homebrew:

    # As of Dec 2, 2017
    brew install sdl2
    # http://formulae.brew.sh/formula/sdl2_gfx
    brew install sdl2_gfx
    # http://formulae.brew.sh/formula/sdl2_ttf
    brew install sdl2_ttf
  2. make to create tetris_toy

  3. ./tetris_toy


  • Move tetromino with WASD keys or arrow keys.

  • Press spacebar for hard Tetromino drop.

  • Press r to reset.

  • Press esc to quit.

To Do