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Shahmir Javaid edited this page Apr 16, 2016 · 18 revisions

Dashee provides a control framework for autonomous remote control vehicles. You can control a remote vehicle using protocols over 3G, WiFi or radio, using the recommended hardware. Dashee is built for multiple models such as Cars, Helicopters, QuadCopters and Planes. More specific modules can be extended by the contributors to achieve a wider availability of vehicles.

If you want to start building your own project, follow our Getting Started with Dashee guide. We test our code on the following Hardware and, we also keep this page up-to-date. If you are setup and ready to go, follow our Installing Dashee guide to get yourself live. We are constantly building and developing new frameworks, if you spot a bug notify us on our Issues page. We are also looking for an active community to help us build, if you are interested contact us using the issues page.

Patches and code comments are most welcome. So get forking!