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Setting this up on docker makes life faster. There are two types of dockerfiles the first provides a running version of servo program called dashee/dashee:latest. The second one just sets up the container so it can be run and we can build the code.

The docker images are pushed to

Docker container

To start a container it is as simple as:

$ docker run --it --rm -v $(pwd):/code -p dashee/dashee:dev

Docker for development

If you want an environment, where you can compile, run and debug the server code. Just do:

$ docker run --it --rm -v $(pwd):/code dashee/dashee:dev

It has no run command so it drops you straight on the shell

Building the docker images

To build the latest do the following

$ docker build -t dashee/dashee:latest .

For the dev build do the following

$ docker build -t dashee/dashee:dev -f .Dockerfile/dev .

You can push the images to docker hub by doing

$ docker push dashee/dashee:dev
$ docker push dashee/dashee:latest
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