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Getting Started

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The project allows you to control RC Car's, Robots, Planes, Helicopters or Quadrotors. To achieve this we use a Host and a Server model.

##The Server The server is split into 4 modules, Controller, Telemetry, FPV and Autopilot. Each one of these modules are responsible for their respective duties and communication between them is done using UDP/TCP layers.

  • Controller - This allows a UDP interface in interacting with the servo's on board the RC module. It has many configurations and can be configured.
  • Telemetry - This module allows you to get the Telemetry of the RC, for example GPS, Gyro (X,Y,Z), runtime and uptime. This module also communicates with the controller locally to get Servo positions.
  • FPV - This will deal with transmitting the First Person View of the RC robot, given the specific camera. This controller deals with Encoding the video before it is sent to the Host.
  • Autopilot - This module allows the Linux on board the RC to take control of the RC without user input. Many different Autopilot modules can be run depending on the RC.

The server is ran on a linux machine. The supported device here is a Raspberry Pi. You will also need other peripherals such as a Gyro, GPS and a Servo Controller. Please see our [Hardware Hardware] page for more info

##The Host The host connects to each Server module, to control or get info. The Hosts can be split in many different hosts. Currently our Host is built as an Android App.

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