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The dashee server is designed to use make as a building tool below highlights some of the main make targets and thier description

  • make all: Build objects, run tests and finally build binaries.
  • make tests: build tests, run tests
  • make binfile: build the binary data files required for testing
  • make clean: Clean all files
  • make install: Install the server to


If you are using debian you can run

apt-get install make g++ libcppunit-dev doxygen tar gzip

#Building the Program

Inside your downloaded src file or svn checkout build by running:


you can use -s to suppress build output



For commandline options please refer to our servod.conf page

Debugging without hardware

For testing purposes or in the case where the board is not available, the servod program can work on a binary file. To create this binary file manually you can use the following:

make binfile

The above will generated a folder data and inside this folder will exist a file called Servo.bin.

To run the controller using the file use:

bin/servo --config=files/examples/servod-dummy.conf

bin/servo as a daemon

To run the program in the background, try using the daemon version of the server program. A servod program will be built by using make all to start your server try


Note its better to try bin/servo -vvvvvvv once just to ensure all is working before continuing

Installing the program to your system

Before you begin note that the installation process has only been tested on the Raspberry Pi wheezy debian distribution.

To install try:

make install


For debugging it's better to enable verbosity there are two ways of doing this

bin/servo --verbosity 5
bin/servo --vvvv

Both of the commands are equivalent to each other, Note our verbosity by default is set to 1, and any additional -v add to that number.

If your tests are failing, or you are struggling with compiling the program please let us know on and we can have a look.

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