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Code generator for PlantUML
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geneJS (pronounced genesis) is a JavaScript tool that generates JavaScript code from PlantUML class diagram source.

Read this blog post about the motivation.

I started geneJS as a JavaScript code generator for my class diagrams, and then i thought of doing an abstraction so anyone can put in any language. For that purpose, geneJS uses the brilliant mustache template engine.

geneJS parses the PlantUML source, builds an object tree based upon it and then renders it with mustache templates into JavaScript.

Since it's the product of a weekend code run, the code is as messy as it can be.

Current version

I wanted to see if I could develop a reasonable code generator so I began from the end; coding templates and then the object tree output. The generator works fine with the functionality in the commented out, dummy object registry ( see Registry.js), but conversion from PlantUML is in its very early stages and is but a prototype.

Near future

  • The code will cover all the class diagram paradigms of PlantUML.
  • It should run in Node with nclosure and read actual PlantUML files and create actual output files.
  • The code should be rearranged to make it possible to structurally add support for more languages.
  • geneJS should be able to generate its entire source code from appropriate PlantUML diagrams. (yeah right.)
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