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This repository has been archived by the owner on Oct 7, 2020. It is now read-only.


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Web Dapp Sample

Basic demo of a Dash dapp to demonstrate user auth.



This is an experimental project to explore methods of achieving a login flow with the Dash Platform.

The current specification can be found here.

This repo contains the impementation of the server-side component. The client side component is the Dash Chrome Wallet.


Session storage using the built in MemoryStore is not recommended in a production environment. You should install Redis or connect to a remote Redis service and add the configuration to your .env file (see below). If Redic connection information is not configured, the server will fall back to using MemoryStore.


Clone this repo to a suitable location and switch into the project directory

git clone && cd dapp-auth-demo

Install npm packages

npm i

Configure environment variables

The app looks for environment variables in the file app/config/.env. You can copy the example file app/config/.env.example to that location.

Run in production mode

npm start

The server will run on port 3000 unless an alternative SERVER_PORT is configured in the .env file (see above).

Note: Use of esm package (experimemtal)

Scripts are currently configured to use the npm package esm to allow for the use of es6 syntax without babel. See the esm package documentation for more details.


The following sections are only of interest if you wish to develop this project.

It is recommended to install the npm nodemon package globally

npm i -g nodemon

The project can then be started in development mode using the following npm script:

npm run develop


Tests are configured using Jest and Supertest. The following scripts are available to run different sections of tests, optionally in watch mode:

npm test

Single run of all tests

npm test:watch

Runs all tests in watch mode

npm test-unit:watch

Runs only unit tests in watch mode

npm test-routes:watch

Runs only route tests (using supertest) in watch mode

npm test-services:watch

Runs only route services in watch mode


Experimental demo investigating authorisation for Dash Platform






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