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This is a Drupal installation profile for B-Translator.


The recommended way of installation for a production server is to install it inside a chroot, in precise (ubuntu 12.04). Assuming that we have already installed a minimal ubuntu server 12.04 (precise), btranslator can be installed in it like this:

mkdir /var/chroot
cd /var/chroot/
git clone
nohup nice B-Translator/install/ btr &
tail -f nohup.out
chroot btr/ /tmp/install/
chroot btr/ rm -rf /tmp/install
reboot  ## it is advisable to reboot the host after this installation

This will install in /var/chroot/btr a minimal ubuntu system, B-Translator, and everything that is needed for the normal work of the system. It will also make the neccessary common configurations of the system and prompt for customizing it (for example the domain, email address, etc.)

The installation script will also create the init script /etc/init.d/chroot-btr, which can be used to start and stop the services inside the chroot:

service chroot-btr start
service chroot-btr stop

Note: The default options of the script are: --arch=i386, --suite=precise and --mirror= . If you want to use something different, you have to give the option explicitly on the command line. For example, on a rackspace server it can be like this:

nohup nice B-Translator/install/ btr \
      --mirror= --arch=amd64 &

On amazon it can be like this: --mirror=

For development purposes, the scripts in B-Translator/install/dev/ can be used to make a development environment.

For more detailed information about installation see docs/

What is B-Translator

The codename B-Translator can be decoded like Bee Translator, since it aims at collecting very small translation contributions from a wide crowd of people and to dilute them into something useful.

It can also be decoded like Be Translator, as an invitation to anybody to give his small contribution for translating programs or making their translations better.

If you could come up with some other interesting explanations, please let me know.

The goals of the project

This software helps to get feedback about l10n (translations of the programs). It also helps to unify all the different translations and to ensure consistency among the translations.

The motivation for developing such a software is that the traditional (current) l10n workflow requires highly dedicated people, and does not allow (or at least does not facilitate) small contributions from random people that do not have such a high dedication, determination and enough free time.

Also, the process of reviewing and correcting translations is not easy and does not facilitate the feedback from the users of the translated programs. Although the translators are usually very good and professional, they can make mistakes too, and sometimes they may miss the best translation for some certain terms. Some feedback from the crowd of the users would be more than welcome, if there are tools to collect and facilitate it.

Another problem with translations is that sometimes they are not consistent. The same string has different translations in different programs, and sometimes even the same translator may have provided different translations for the same string in different cases.

To summarize, the problems that this software tries to solve are these:

  • Merging translations from different sources (for example translations made on Launchpad and those made on KDE or GNOME).
  • Helping to ensure consistency among the translations.
  • Getting feedback about the translations from a wide crowd of people and users. This feedback can be in terms of votes for the best translation (when there are more than one translations for the same string), or it can be a new alternative translation (for an existing translation), or it can be a new translation suggestion (for a string that is not translated yet).



Sites using B-Translator:

To install and setup your site you would need some basic skills on Ubuntu server administration and Drupal administration.


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