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InstantSend Technical Information

InstantSend has been integrated into the Core Daemon in two ways:

  • "push" notifications (ZMQ and -instantsendnotify cmd-line/config option);
  • RPC commands.


When a "Transaction Lock" occurs the hash of the related transaction is broadcasted through ZMQ using both the zmqpubrawtxlock and zmqpubhashtxlock channels.

  • zmqpubrawtxlock: publishes the raw transaction when locked via InstantSend
  • zmqpubhashtxlock: publishes the transaction hash when locked via InstantSend

This mechanism has been integrated into Bitcore-Node-Dash which allows for notification to be broadcast through Insight API in one of two ways:

Command line option

When a wallet InstantSend transaction is successfully locked a shell command provided in this option is executed (%s in <cmd> is replaced by TxID):



Details pertaining to an observed "Transaction Lock" can also be retrieved through RPC. There is a boolean field named instantlock which indicates whether a given transaction is locked via InstantSend. This field is present in the output of some wallet RPC commands e.g. listsinceblock, gettransaction etc. as well as in the output of some mempool RPC commands e.g. getmempoolentry and a couple of others like getrawmempool (for verbose=true only). For blockchain based RPC commands instantlock will also say true if this transaction was locked via LLMQ based ChainLocks (for backwards compatibility reasons).