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Dash Core version

Release is now available from:

This is a new hotfix release.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:

Upgrading and downgrading

How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Dash-Qt (on Mac) or dashd/dash-qt (on Linux). If you upgrade after DIP0003 activation and you were using version < 0.13 you will have to reindex (start with -reindex-chainstate or -reindex) to make sure your wallet has all the new data synced. Upgrading from version 0.13 should not require any additional actions.

When upgrading from a version prior to, the first startup of Dash Core will run a migration process which can take a few minutes to finish. After the migration, a downgrade to an older version is only possible with a reindex (or reindex-chainstate).

Downgrade warning

Downgrade to a version <

Downgrading to a version older than is no longer supported due to changes in the "evodb" database format. If you need to use an older version, you must either reindex or re-sync the whole chain.

Downgrade of masternodes to < 0.16

Starting with this release, masternodes will verify the protocol version of other masternodes. This will result in PoSe punishment/banning for outdated masternodes, so downgrading is not recommended.

Notable changes

There was an unexpected behaviour of the "Encrypt wallet" menu item for unencrypted wallets which was showing users the "Decrypt wallet" dialog instead. This was a GUI only issue, internal encryption logic and RPC behaviour were not affected. Change log

See detailed set of changes.

  • ccef3b4836 qt: Fix wallet encryption dialog (#3816)


Thanks to everyone who directly contributed to this release:

  • UdjinM6

As well as everyone that submitted issues and reviewed pull requests.

Older releases

Dash was previously known as Darkcoin.

Darkcoin tree 0.8.x was a fork of Litecoin tree 0.8, original name was XCoin which was first released on Jan/18/2014.

Darkcoin tree 0.9.x was the open source implementation of masternodes based on the 0.8.x tree and was first released on Mar/13/2014.

Darkcoin tree 0.10.x used to be the closed source implementation of Darksend which was released open source on Sep/25/2014.

Dash Core tree 0.11.x was a fork of Bitcoin Core tree 0.9, Darkcoin was rebranded to Dash.

Dash Core tree 0.12.0.x was a fork of Bitcoin Core tree 0.10.

Dash Core tree 0.12.1.x was a fork of Bitcoin Core tree 0.12.

These release are considered obsolete. Old release notes can be found here:

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