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Dash Core Release Announcement

Dash Core is a non-mandatory update of the Dash Core 0.12.3.x series.

It is not required to update nodes on mainnet, as this release does not include any changes that affect mainnet. The only changes included are for testnet and cause a fork at height 4000. This fork is meant to reset testnet to a clean state so that we can re-test the full deployment path of 0.12.3 -> 0.13.0.

Full release notes are available at https://github.com/dashpay/dash/blob/v0.12.3.4/doc/release-notes.md,
release binaries can be downloaded above.

This version can still be used on mainnet in case a fresh installation is performed. As mentioned, this version has no changes that affect mainnet and is equivalent to when deployed on mainnet.