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@codablock codablock released this May 31, 2019

Dash Core Release Announcement

We are happy to announce the release of This release includes binaries, which can be downloaded above.

About this Release

Dash Core is a minor release of the Dash Core 0.14.0.x series.

This is a new minor version release, bringing various bugfixes and we consider this a stable release.

Notable changes

Fixed governance votes pruning for invalid masternodes

A community member reported a possible attack that involves DoSing masternodes to force the network
to prune all governance votes from this masternodes. This could be used to manipulate vote outcomes.

This vulnerability is currently not possible to execute as LLMQ DKGs and PoSe have not activated yet on
mainnet. This version includes a fix that requires to have at least 51% masternodes to upgrade to, after which superblock trigger voting will automatically fix the discrepancies between old and new nodes. This also means that we will postpone activation of LLMQ DKGs and thus PoSe until at least 51% of masternodes have upgraded to

Fixed a rare memory/db leak in LLMQ based InstantSend

We fixed a rare memory/db leak in LLMQ based InstantSend leak which would only occur when reorganizations
would happen.

Release Notes

You can find detailed release notes at The release notes also contain instructions and links to further documentation for masternode operators and miners.


Thanks go out to all Dash Core contributors, everyone who submitted issues, reviewed pull requests or helped translating on Transifex and also to Bitcoin Core Developers.

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