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Dash Core Release Announcement

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We are happy to announce the release of This release includes binaries, which can be downloaded above.

About this Release

Dash Core is a minor release of the Dash Core 0.14.0.x series.

This is a new minor version release, bringing various bugfixes and improvements. We consider this a stable release. We suggest every masternode operator to upgrade to as this release contains multiple improvements in regard to disk-space usage and banning behavior. These fixes and improvements are the results of the stress tests which were performed by an unknown actor in the last few weeks.

Notable changes

Database space usage improvements

Version introduced a new database (evodb) which is found in the datadir of Dash Core. It turned
out that this database grows quite fast when a lot of changes inside the deterministic masternode list happen,
which is for example the case when a lot PoSe punishing/banning is happening. Such a situation happened
immediately after the activation LLMQ DKGs, causing the database to grow a lot. This release introduces
a new format in which information in "evodb" is stored, which causes it grow substantially slower.

Version also introduced a new database (llmq) which is also found in the datadir of Dash Core.
This database stores all LLMQ signatures for 7 days. After 7 days, a cleanup task removes old signatures.
The idea was that the "llmq" database would grow in the beginning and then stay at an approximately constant
size. The recent stress test on mainnet has however shown that the database grows too much and causes a risk of out-of-space situations. This release will from now also remove signatures when the corresponding InstantSend lock is fully confirmed on-chain (superseded by a ChainLock). This should remove >95% of all signatures from the database. After the upgrade, no space saving will be observed however as this logic is only applied to new signatures, which means that it will take 7 days until the whole "llmq" database gets to its minimum size.

DKG and LLMQ signing failures fixed

Recent stress tests have shown that masternodes start to ban each other under high load and specific situations. This release fixes this and thus makes it a highly recommended upgrade for masternodes.

MacOS: macOS: disable AppNap during sync and mixing

AppNap is disabled now when Dash Core is syncing/reindexing or mixing.

Signed binaries for Windows

This release is the first one to include signed binaries for Windows.

New RPC command: quorum memberof

This RPC allows you to verify which quorums a masternode is supposed to be a member of. It will also show
if the masternode succesfully participated in the DKG process.

More information about number of InstantSend locks

The debug console will now show how many InstantSend locks Dash Core knows about. Please note that this number does not necessarily equal the number of mempool transactions.

The "getmempoolinfo" RPC also has a new field now which shows the same information.


Thanks go out to all Dash Core contributors, everyone who submitted issues, reviewed pull requests or helped translating on Transifex and also to Bitcoin Core Developers.