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Dash Improvement Proposals (DIPs)

DIP stands for Dash Improvement Proposal. Similar to Bitcoin's BIPs, a DIP is a design document providing information to the Dash community, or describing a new feature for Dash or its processes or environment. The DIP should provide a concise technical specification of the feature and a rationale for the feature.

Because Dash is forked from the Bitcoin codebase, many of the BIPs can be applied to Dash as well (a list of the BIPs updated to include Dash-specific details can be found here). The purpose of the DIPs is not to duplicate those which exist as BIPs, but to introduce protocol upgrades or feature specifications which are unique to Dash.


We use the same general guidelines for introducing a new DIP as specified in BIP 2, with a few differences. Specifically:

  • Instead of the BIP editor, initiate contact with the Dash Core development team and your request should be routed to the DIP editor(s). The DIP workflow mimics the BIP workflow.
  • Recommended licenses include the MIT license
  • Markdown format is the preferred format for DIPs
  • Following a discussion, the proposal should be submitted to the DIPs git repository as a pull request. This draft must be written in BIP/DIP style as described in BIP 2, and named with an alias such as "dip-johndoe-infinitedash" until the editor has assigned it a DIP number (authors MUST NOT self-assign DIP numbers).

Dash Improvement Proposal Summary

Number Layer Title Owner Type Status
1 Consensus Initial Scaling of the Network Darren Tapp Standard Final
2 Consensus Special Transactions Samuel Westrich, Alexander Block, Andy Freer Standard Final
3 Consensus Deterministic Masternode Lists Samuel Westrich, Alexander Block, Andy Freer, Darren Tapp, Timothy Flynn, Udjinm6, Will Wray Standard Final
4 Consensus Simplified Verification of Deterministic Masternode Lists Alexander Block, Samuel Westrich, UdjinM6, Andy Freer Standard Final
5 Consensus Blockchain Users Alexander Block, Cofresi, Andy Freer, Nathan Marley, Anton Suprunchuk, Darren Tapp, Thephez, Udjinm6, Alex Werner, Samuel Westrich Standard Withdrawn
6 Consensus Long-Living Masternode Quorums Alexander Block Standard Final
7 Consensus LLMQ Signing Requests / Sessions Alexander Block Standard Final
8 Consensus ChainLocks Alexander Block Standard Final
9 Applications Feature Derivation Paths Samuel Westrich Informational Proposed
10 Consensus LLMQ InstantSend Alexander Block Standard Final
11 Consensus Identities Ivan Shumkov, Anton Suprunchuk, Samuel Westrich, Cofresi Standard Proposed
12 Consensus Dash Platform Name Service Ivan Shumkov, Anton Suprunchuk Standard Proposed
13 Applications Identities in Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets Samuel Westrich Informational Proposed
14 Applications Extended Key Derivation using 256-Bit Unsigned Integers Samuel Westrich Informational Proposed
15 Applications DashPay Samuel Westrich, Eric Britten Standard Proposed
16 Applications Headers First Synchronization on Simple Payment Verification Wallets Samuel Westrich Informational Proposed
20 Consensus Dash Opcode Updates Mart Mangus Standard Final
21 Consensus LLMQ DKG Data Sharing dustinface Standard Final
22 Consensus Making InstantSend Deterministic using Quorum Cycles Samuel Westrich, UdjinM6 Standard Final
23 Consensus Enhanced Hard Fork Mechanism Pasta Standard Proposed
24 Consensus Long-Living Masternode Quorum Distribution and Rotation Samuel Westrich & Virgile Bartolo Standard Final
25 Peer Services Compressed Block Headers gabriel-bjg, Thephez, UdjinM6 Standard Proposed
26 Consensus Multi-Party Payout Timothy Munsell, UdjinM6 Standard Proposed
27 Reserved
28 Consensus Evolution Masternodes Paul DeLucia, Odysseas Gabrielides, Łukasz Klimek, Ivan Shumkov, Samuel Westrich Standard Final
29 Consensus Randomness Beacon For LLMQ Selection Virgile Bartolo Standard Proposed


Unless otherwise specified, Dash Improvement Proposals (DIPs) are released under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information or see the MIT License.