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The idea is based on pomodoro where you will work on your tasks for time units. Usually, this unit is 25 minutes, and followed by a 5 minutes short break. In addition, there will be a longer break for every 4 units, which I assume unnecessary thus have not plan to implement (at this point).


So, imagine one day, you got coffee and plan to spend the next 3 hours working on your tasks.

You will spent 60 secs (or more) to think about what you gonna do.

So, you come up with a todo list. You also planed how many time you would like to spend for each task. The todo list might looks like this one:

  • 1 write the README for your latest python project.
  • 4 work on some report.
  • 1 watch a tutorial you've saved.

The first number indicates time unit(s)

Ok, you happily dived into those tasks.

This application simply will play an alarm when each time unit is used up, and ask you to take a break for 5 mins.

You could add/remove time unit(s) for the current task. You could also mark it as done.


Now, you've spent your 3 hours.

You could spend another 1 minutes to write done a short summary for each task.

Thus, after all, you would be able to review what you've done, for the previous week, or for a specific topic.


The name for this app is todo-summary with a dash. But the python module name is todo_summary with an underscore.

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