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Deploy Dask on job schedulers like PBS, SLURM, and SGE
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ci Removes Python 3 check for black in CI (#315) Aug 18, 2019
dask_jobqueue Improve error message when cores or memory is not specified (#331) Aug 29, 2019
docs Add compatibility with Dask 2.3.0 in 0.6.3 release. Aug 19, 2019
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.gitignore Remove generated autosummary rst files from repo. Jul 26, 2019
README.rst Use correct documentation URL in README (#164) Oct 3, 2018
readthedocs.yml add rtd configs Apr 15, 2018
requirements-dev.txt Require distributed >= 2.1 (#295) Jul 23, 2019
setup.cfg Black (#248) Mar 19, 2019 Fix Python 3.5.0 support in (#317) Aug 19, 2019


Deploy Dask on Job Queueing systems

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Easy deployment of Dask Distributed on job queuing systems such as PBS, Slurm, or SGE. See documentation for more information.


New BSD. See License File.

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