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Cluster for the Dask Tutorial.
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Dask Tutorial Infrastructure

Deployment for Dask tutorial at PyCon 2018.


Ask for the following secret tokens, and set them as environment variables

# Start the cluster (this relies on some global `gcloud` project config)
make cluster

# Install helm
make helm

May have to wait a bit now. helm version should return a server & client version.

# Install pangeo / jupyterhub
make jupyterhub

Changes from pangeo-data/pangeo

  • No auth (yet)
  • Replaced /examples with dask-tutorial (notebook/Dockerfile)
  • Different image names for
    1. pangeo-config > jupyterhub > image
    2. notebook/worker-template
  • Adjusted worker and notebook images
    • Version bumps
  • Removed some of the FUSE stuff (will re-add if needed)
  • Added Makefile
  • smaller workers (for now)

Preemptible Nodes

Not sure if this differes from pangeo-data/pangeo/gce, but we use two cluster instance groups.

  1. default: for jupyterhub, proxy, and schedulers
  2. preemptible: for workers

See the changes to the worker-template.yaml for how we get worker pods scheduled on preemptible nodes. When we create the node pool with --preemptible, the label is added. We also add the taint preemptible=true:NoSchedule, which repels the jupyterhub and scheduler pods from being scheduled on the preemptible nodes. The label is added to the worker-template.yaml and a toleration is added for the preemptible taint.


  • Confusion about "SECRET" variables for proxy, etc. It seems like these are manually input before deploying, & removed before committing.
  • The resources I requested in the initial notebook/worker-template.yaml (from pangeo) were too small. I haven't investigated whether the bottleneck is at the cluster or the jupyterhub.singleuser level yet.

Project-specific things

  1. Upload data to new bucket & make public
  2. Upload docker images to new bucket & make public
  3. Update Makefile
  4. Update pangeo-config


67 attendees + 3 instructors + 10 person buffer, say 80 people.

We want each attendee to get a cluster with 12 workers, plus the notebook server, so 13 / person.

CPU: 1.75 * 13 * 80 = 1820 Mem: 6 * 13 * 80 = 6240

n1-standard-2 : 2 CPU & 7.5GB memory., so 80 * 13?

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