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This is Tetoka LMS. It is the learning management system for Tetoka Financial Education and Payment Network This LMS is using certain tools which will require you to purchase licenses, like premuim themes from themeforest and other third party plugins. Since I believe Wordpress is an application development framework, this repository was created to track all development for the LMS platform and points management system. Read more about Tetoka on our offical site


Docker Docker-compose

You can run this installation locally by running docker-compose --file local.yml up -d

If you want to deploy on your own server contact me, as you might need to setup some licenses for plugins and themes. You would need to be familiar with basic migration of wordpress installations to move from local environment to production. Feel free to contribute to this project by sending a pull request or getting in touch. The future of financial education is bigger than a simple Wordpress installation, therefore some customizations are being written for plugins and displays here as well.