tool for publishing data in the blockchain
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    This is a tool for publishing to and reading from the Bitcoin
    blockchain. For fees proportional to content length, it will
    render your inputs "written in stone" and addressable by
    transaction ID.

    Per rule of Bitcoin protocol, these are writes to immutable 
    history - modifiable only by majority mining power. In just 
    minutes, they propagate to thousands of nodes around the 
    world, and for all practical purposes, mirror the integrity
    of Bitcoin as a whole.

    Note that anonymity is not guaranteed. Tor may be used to 
    proxy read and write activity. But still, transactions can be
    traced backwards to identifying actions of your past. See for more information on 
    that point.


    Start bitcoind if you plan to write data. Reads default to's API, but utilize the running node if one
    exists. But a local node is required only for writes.

    Reading and writing:
     >  stone write --data="hello, world!"
     >  stone write --path="example.txt"
     >  stone read <txid>

    Cost estimation:
     >  stone price --data="hello, world!"
     >  stone price --path="example.txt"


    pip install


    git clone
    cd stone
    python install


     >  bitcoind -testnet -daemon
     >  python -m unittest discover