Interactive web-based genome browser.
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Biodalliance: fast, embeddable genome visualization

Dalliance is a genome viewing tool that aims to offer a high level of interactivity while working entirely within your web browser. It works with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari and (with minor visual glitches) Internet Explorer 11. It is also usable with current mobile web browsers.

To try it, visit


Dalliance has now switched to a Gulp-based build system. It it still possible to use the files in the js directory directly, but this is now deprecated and may not be supported in future.

Before building, please install Node.js, which is needed for the NPM package manager.

To build:

    (sudo?) npm install -g gulp
    npm install # Install dependencies
    gulp        # Build Dalliance

...then open any of the HTML files in the example-browsers directory to test.


See the website.

Reporting bugs

Dalliance is under active development and we welcome your suggestions. Right now, probably the best place for bug reports or feature requests is the Github issue tracker.

There is also a mailing list where the project can be discussed.