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Free, open-source, server agnostic, self-hosted web hosting control panel using Docker
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Free, open-source, server agnostic, self-hosted web hosting control panel using Docker

Daspanel sites


  • Use in your local computer or in any public server with same results.
  • All services run using Docker containers on Linux, Windows or Mac hosts.
  • API First
  • Web interface that works on desktop browsers, smartphones and tablets.
  • PHP 7 AND PHP 5.6
  • MariaDB 10, MySQL compatible server
  • Caddy HTTP server

For detailed list see the features page.

Quick Start


Make sure you have installed the following software in your computer:

  • docker
  • docker-compose


Follow the appropriate instructions for your computer in one of the links below:

Create sites


Why Daspanel ?

In a world dominated by cloud computing and the use of Docker containers, site hosting continues to be done mostly using tools like Cpanel or Plesk. Some of these tools were created in the 1990s (The Cpanel was created in 1996), and perhaps the time has come when they are no longer so relevant to the hosting business.

Website designers and hosting companies need tools more appropriate to the technology we have available today.

DASPANEL is a proposal for a new model of development and hosting of websites. This is the first version of Daspanel. It is an exciting step forward towards making an hosting control panel using Docker. We created it so that you can create any site, plain or using PHP, in your local machine and when ready easy deploy it on an public server exactly as you see it in the development machine.

This software is still in a pre alpha stage but, stay tuned for interesting news soon.

Build something great!

Open Source Credits

We use alot of open source software to make Daspanel. Although the list below is incomplete it contains the main projects used to create Daspanel:

  • Docker - containerization platform
  • Alpine Linux - Linux distro used in our docker images
  • S6 Overlay - is a series of init scripts and utilities to ease creating Docker images using s6 as a process supervisor
  • Caddy - Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS
  • Connexion - Swagger API framework for Python on top of Flask
  • Minio - Open source object storage server compatible with Amazon S3 APIs
  • And a lot more: Flask, MariaDB, PHP 5/7, TinyDB, Muicss, CUID
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