The SocketIO server for the Unity3D WebGL Socket Lobby System
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This is the server of the Unity3D-WebGL-Socket-Lobby-System. To get the system run, you also need two more packages:

A detailed tutorial, on how to use this system is available at

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  • NodeJS 6.2


Clone this repository to a destination of your choice, then go to the repository folder and start

nvm install

in the shell.

Editing the server

The server class

There is already a little game server example located at /game/MyGameServer.js.

The server is started, when every player in the current lobby room is ready.

After a countdown, the StartGame function is called.

Adding socket events

To add socket event listeners, you can use the this.AddEvent function.

For example, if you send a message from the client, you can receive it this way

    event: 'send-message',
    callback: function(data){

Sending messages to all players

To send a message to all servers, you can use the this.SendToAllPlayers function.

For example:

    event: 'set-player-position',
    data: {
        x: 100,
        y: 50

Sending messages to one player

To send a message to a specific player, you can use the this.SendToOnePlayer function

For example:

    playerID: 'the player id you want to send',
    event: 'send-message',
    data: {
        message: 'hi there'

The room object

In the game server class exists an instance of the room class, which holds the room id and the currently connected players

To get the current players, you can use

If you want to get just the player ids, you can use; which gives you an array of all current player ids

If you want to get the player object of a specific player id, you can use;, which gives you the player object, or null, if it wasn't found

The player object

The player has multiple properties, like

  • playerID - the id of the player
  • playerName - the name of the player
  • playerColor - the color of the player (represented by an array of the [r,g,b,a] values)
  • playerSocket - the socket object of the player (if you want to use it directly)