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Cards Against Reliability

Cards Against Reliability is a fork of Cards Against Cryptography. It is based on Cards Against Humanity, which describes itself as "a party game for horrible people". Cards Against Reliability is not quite as mean, but still has bit of an edge. I hope this game is played in a spirit of fun. But if you don't like crude humor, this game may not be for you.

Cards Against Reliability Logo

Basic Rules

See for the rules.


Cards Against Reliability is a fork of Cards Against Cryptography. It is based on Cards Against Humanity, which was released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

Creative Commons License

Cards Against Reliability is released under the same license, which means you can use, remix, and share the game for free, but cannot sell it.


You can submit pull requests to propose new cards; see src/black.txt and src/white.txt. The top-level Makefile can be used to recompile printable PDF and PNG versions of the cards (make PDFs or make PNGs) on reasonable Linux or macOS systems. You need to have xelatex, python3, and ImageMagick's convert command in your path.

Printed copies

Since Cards Against Humanity was released under a BY-NC-SA 2.0 license, the "non-commercial" aspect of that license implies that we cannot sell you a copy of this game.

You can make your own printed copy in three ways.

  1. Print at home. Under the PDFs-to-print folder, there are printable PDFs of all the cards, formatted for 2-sided printing on either A4 or letter paper. You'll use up all the toner if print pages and pages of all-black backgrounds, so you should probably use the gray background.
  2. Print at a local printshop. You could also take the PDFs to your local print shop and have them print it on cardstock (80-pound or higher). Use a paper cutter to cut out the cards.
  3. Print via a commercial custom card manufacturer. The version of Cards Against Cryptography is printed using The folder PNGs-to-print contains the PNG images required to print a deck of cards at's US Game Deck Size, along with a bi-fold (4 side) instruction booklet. At the time we wrote this, 1 set of cards, along with a booklet and plain white box, is $34.35 (US dollars), plus shipping (approximately $10 for standard shipping to most countries). Uploading the images and configure the project takes about 10 minutes.


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