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A list of common Disaster Recovery (DR) scenarios for software companies
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Common Disaster Recovery Scenarios

This is a list of common Disaster Recovery scenarios for software companies.

It is nearly-impossible to cover all the scenarios that can happen. However, this list should include some common scenarios that can help companies kick-start their own set of policies.


Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first. Contributions are always welcome!

Table of Contents

Natural Disasters

  • Fire at data center
  • Earthquake at data center
  • Flood at data center

Hardware Failure

  • Cooling system down overnight at data center
  • Rack failure
  • Memory corruption due to electricity problems
  • Unexpected unplugging of a network link
  • Faulty backup tapes

Software Failure

  • Corruption of critical application

Human Error

  • Accidental release of private decryption keys

Insider Threats

  • Unauthorized Remote Desktop server running at some internal workstations
  • DDoS triggered by a rogue employee.

Security Threats

  • Compromised network
  • Compromised server
  • Compromised middle-box


  • Loss of staff scenarios
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