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kubectl janitor

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kubectl janitor is a kubectl plugin that assists in finding objects in a problematic state in your Kubernetes cluster.


Troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters sometimes requires a combination of kubectl commands and other command-line tools such as jq to do correlations around the issues that the various objects might have. Moreover, sometimes the supported options of the --field-selector flag might be limited.

During troubleshooting scenarios, people need to identify the issues quickly without worrying about remembering all the different command combinations. The primary goal of this plugin is to collect some commonly executed kubectl command patterns to identify objects in a problematic state in the cluster and reduce the cognitive load for people troubleshooting.



You can install kubectl janitor using the Krew, the package manager for kubectl plugins.

Once you have Krew installed run the following command:

kubectl krew install janitor


Check the release page for the full list of pre-built assets.


  1. Download one of the releases that are compatible with your os/arch.
  2. Unzip to get kubectl-janitor
  3. Add it to your PATH or move it to a path already in in PATH (i.e., /usr/local/bin)


go get -u

This command will download and compile kubectl-janitor.


To get the full list of commands with examples:

kubectl janitor


List Pods that are in a pending state (waiting to be scheduled)

kubectl janitor pods unscheduled

List Pods in an unhealthy state

kubectl janitor pods unhealthy

List Pods that are currently running but not ready for some reason

kubectl janitor pods unready

List the current statuses of the Pods and their respective count

kubectl janitor pods status

List Jobs that have failed to run and have restartPolicy: Never

kubectl janitor jobs failed

List PesistentVolumes that are available for claim

kubectl janitor pvs unclaimed

List PersistentVolumeClaims in a pending state (unbound)

kubectl janitor pvcs pending

You can use the -A or --all-namespaces flag to search for objects in all namespaces.

You can use the --no-headers flag to avoid showing the column names.


If you have installed the plugin via the krew command. You can remove the plugin by using the same tool:

kubectl krew uninstall kubectl-janitor

Or, you can "uninstall" this plugin from kubectl by simply removing it from your PATH:

rm /usr/local/bin/kubectl-janitor


Pavlos Ratis @dastergon.


Apache 2.0.