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ExtendedBG and Ranking System for Hercules as a plugin.
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Extended Battlegrounds for Hercules - PLUGIN

Plugin for Extended Battleground for Hercules

Support Forum:

Contributed By

  • Dastgir/Hercules.
  • jaBote/Hercules.

Installation Steps


  • Put the contents of resnametable.txt to GRF
  • Put the contents of mapnametable.txt to GRF
  • Optional:
    • To be done only if .bg_common[6] have 1st bit set and .bg_common[7] is custom Item
    • Put contents of System/itemInfo.lua to your itemInfo.lua/lub


  • Conf:
    • Copy contents of conf/map/maps.conf at end of your maps.conf
    • Copy contents of conf/import/battle.conf in your herc/conf/import/battle.conf depending on your configuration
    • Copy conf/import/eBG.conf file in your herc/conf/import/ folder
  • DB:
    • Copy db/emblems folder to your hercules/db/emblems folder
    • Copy contents of db/map_index.txt at end of your map_index.txt
    • Optional:
      • To be done only if .bg_common[6] have 1st bit set and .bg_common[7] is custom Item
        • Copy the contents of item_db.conf to your item_db2.conf
        • Copy the contents of item_group.conf to your (pre-)re/item_group.conf
  • MapCache:
    • Copy all files in maps/ folder to "maps/re" or "maps/pre-re" depending on your configuration
  • NPC:
    • Copy all files in npc/ folder to your herc/npc/ folder
    • Add this line at end of scripts_custom.conf:
      • @include "npc/scripts_eBG.conf"
  • Plugins:
    • Copy all files in plugin folder to your herc/src/plugins folder
    • compile and enable 2 plugins:
      • ExtendedBG
      • ExtendedBG-char
    • (All other files are just includes)
  • SQL:
    • Execute the file sql-files/bg_main.sql on your SQL Server
    • Optional (If VIRT_GUILD is commented from eBG_Common.h):
      • To be executed only IF VIRT_GUILD is commented from eBG_common.h
      • Execute the file sql-files/bg_guild.sql
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