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title: Welcome to Dat Land
subtitle: Dat's Hacker Community
Join us in creating technology for the public good.
Our community strives to build inclusive & diverse spaces for sharing or collaboration.
[Dat Project]( imagines a better future for public data access, a future of apps that put users in control while improving security and speed.
Help us build that future.
## What is Dat?
Dat is a new peer to peer protocol for building apps of the future.
Building on the design of Bittorrent, Git, and other technologies, Dat creates new possibilities for data-rich applications. Dat efficiently syncs & versions data across a distributed network.
## Start Building
Dat's open source ecosystem makes it easy to build apps on top of Dat or contribute to the Dat core. Learn more:
* [Build Dat-Powered Apps](/apps-on-dat/) - use Dat to create data-rich applications with painless file sync & distributed streams.
* [Build Dat Core](/contribute/) - help us build Dat's core tools and applications!
## Add more to this site!
This community site is still in its infancy. We want to build it with you using a fair and open process.
* How do we want to represent our community (mission, goals)?
* What resources will be essential for users?
* What actions do we take now to ensure our community remains inclusive and diverse?