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The textbook Computational and Inferential Thinking: The Foundations of Data Science
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The Data 8 Jekyll textbook

This repository holds a Jekyll-based version of the Data 8 textbook.

All textbook content is primarily stored in Jupyter notebooks in the content/ folder. This can be converted to Jekyll-ready markdown and served on github pages.

How this repository is deployed to

The Data 8 textbook has a slightly more complex deploy process. This is because GitHub doesn't work well for using a custom domain name for an organization's non-root repository.

So, here's how the textbook deploy works:

Building the textbook

Here are steps to get started building the textbook on your own machine:

  1. Install the jupyter-book command line tool. This allows you to create and modify Jupyter Books:

    pip install jupyter-book
  2. Follow the build instructions on the Jupyter Book guide. The guide has information for how to use the Jupyter Book CLI to build this book. You can find the Jupyter Book build instructions here.

    A short summary (see the link for full details): If you have Ruby and bundle installed, install the dependencies by running bundle install, then running gem pristine ... for each warning. Once the dependencies are installed, run make book and then make build.

To preview your built site using Jekyll on your computer, follow the steps on the Jupyter Book guide. The short version is to run make serve, then visit in your browser.

Relevant files

An explanation of the various files in this textbook can be found in the Jupyter Book guide.

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