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R we having fun yet‽ A learning series on [R].

Sponsored by Duke University Libraries, Data & Visualization Services

This Spring the Data & Visualization Services Department will host a series of campus/community-oriented, informal sessions on the R programming language. Our goals is to promote a friendly environment for exploring the extensible capabilities of the R software environment specifically supported through R and RStudio. Beginner's are welcome, experts will be encouraged to share topical expertise. How has R enabled your work? What else can R help you accomplish? Join us most Thursdays at noon in the Edge (Workshop Room -- map). Bring your lunch (or not); light refreshments will be provided.

When: Thursday's at noon

Who: R enthusiasts, beginngers through advanced
Sponsored by the Data & Visualization Services Department

Where: Workshop Room, The /Edge, Bostock Library

Schedule: Spring, 2017

Space is limited. Please register

Date Topic Presenter Registration Link Location Video Files
1/26 Leaflet Jena RSVP Workshop Room Leaflet video Leaflet scripts
2/2 Rvest & httR (Web Scraping) John RSVP Workshop Room rvest video rvest scripts
2/9 ggplot2 Angela RSVP Workshop Room ggplot2 Video ggplot2 Slides
2/16 Shiny Joel RSVP Workshop Room Shiny Slides
2/23 Flex dashboards John RSVP Workshop Room Flexdashboard Video Files ; Example
3/2 ggvis John RSVP Perkins 217 ggvis video ggvis slides
3/9 Rmarkdown Matt Ross RSVP Perkins 217 Rmarkdown video
3/16 Spring Break
3/23 twitteR & Rtweet John RSVP Perkins 217 rtweet video rtweet slides


Presenters are asked to speak for approximately 30 minutes; think lightning talks. Leave time for questions and discussion. Scope should be about R, R packages, RStudio and/or the Tidyverse with respect to Data Science, Data Analytics, Statistical Sciences and/or Big Data. The following framework is encouraged:

  • Why is this package/tool of interest?
  • How does it work? / Is it worth it to learn it? / What does a workflow look like?
  • Expose attendees to what can be done with [R]
  • How is your topic used in your discipline?